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I have been a member of the Florida and DC Bars since 1986. In the course of my practice I participated in hundreds of mediation as an advocate.perspective.

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A successful Boca Raton civil mediator is able to help disputing parties resolve their problem while also preserving the mutually beneficial relationship the parties share. In arbitration and ligation things are adversarial – there is a winner and a loser. It is often impossible for parties to continue to work together, but this is frequently not the case in mediation. Even when parties choose to no longer work together they go their separate ways satisfied with the outcome.

If you believe mediation could help you resolve a legal matter, Boca Raton civil mediator Nathan Schwartz can help.

Benefits of Working with a Boca Raton Civil Mediator
Mediation offers a number of benefits. One of the most significant is the reduced legal costs. Litigation and arbitration are becoming less and less affordable, even to big corporations. This means that they are no longer options for most people when a dispute arises.

In comparison, the cost of mediation is minimal. Often the most significant expense involved is the mediator’s – something parties can agree to share. Mediation simplifies the dispute resolution process and cuts down on the time it takes to end a dispute, making it far more affordable to resolve the matter than it would be otherwise.

Why Choose Mediation to Resolve Civil Legal Disputes?
Mediation is also a far more efficient. Once the commitment is made to participate in the process, the mediation can begin within a matter of days or weeks. It is often completed in just a few hour or days. Conversely, it can take months or years for a matter to move through the court system. This not only saves money, it protects other resources and enables everyone to get back to their usual matters.

The primary purpose of mediation is to attempt to resolve the dispute, but the information gathered at mediation can be a useful in the future for assembling an argument in arbitration or litigation, or for avoiding disputes concerning different matters. Mediation is confidential and a Boca Raton civil mediator cannot be compelled to testify or share information, but understanding the opposition’s side can be extremely valuable no matter how the matter is resolved.

Working with a Boca Raton civil mediator can be a beneficial in a variety of legal situations including:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Insurance Claims
  • Foreclosure
  • Debtor Creditor Relations
  • Collections
  • Small claims
  • Family Disputes

Mediation is information and completely voluntary. Parties agree to take charge of their situation and be responsible for the ultimate outcome of their dispute.

If you believe mediation might be right for helping you resolve your civil legal dispute, Nathan Schwartz can help. He has assisted numerous clients in Boca Raton and throughout the area come to terms through mediation and to avoid the lengthy and expensive process of litigation. He understands that mediation is not right in every situation, but it can be the most effective option for numerous different civil legal disputes. As a Boca Raton civil mediator, he wants to help you deal with your legal issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.


What is mediation?

Simply put, mediation is a method of solving disputes that is alternative (and in many ways superior) to litigation.  It is an informal, confidential process in which a neutral third party (the mediator) works with all parties to the dispute to enable them come to a resolution without the involvement of courts.

How much does mediation cost?

The cost of mediation is generally to the mediator's fee which is an hourly rate born equally by the parties.  So if there are three different parties to the dispute, your responsibility would be about one third  of the mediator's fee.  In some mediations, particularly family mediations  one of the parties may be required by the Court, by agreement or by law to bear the full cost of the mediation.  In those cases the mediation may be free to the other parties!

How long does it take?

Most mediations are usually accomplished in a few hours.  Compared to litigation which may take years, the savings to the parties in time and money (not to mention aggravation) is often considerable.

Do I have to file a lawsuit to start a mediation?

Not at all!  In fact if possible, we encourage parties to try mediation before filing suit.  On the other hand, where the litigation process has begun, most courts consider mediation a valuable ally facilitating a quick resolution and lightening their already overcrowded dockets.  Many judges will actually require the parties to mediate before scheduling cases for trial.

My name is Nate Schwartz. My day job is an attorney who practices in the area of commercial litigation.

  • I have been a member of the Florida and DC Bars since 1986. In the course of my practice I participated in hundreds of mediation as an advocate.

  • In 2012 I became certified as a circuit civil mediator to see what things are like from the mediator’s point of view. From the moment the great Perry Itkin trained me to mediate, I realized that it was my “true calling”.
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