If you are involved in a civil or commercial dispute, you may worry about how to resolve the matter without causing major disruption to your life or business. Fortunately, when you elect mediation instead of litigation to resolve your civil or commercial dispute, you can benefit from many advantages, including:

You Can Pick Someone with Subject Matter Expertise
In litigation, you are stuck with the judge or jury assigned to your case, regardless if they have no personal or professional background in commercial matters. In mediation, you and the other party can select a mediator of your choosing. This allows you to choose a Boca Raton civil mediator who is familiar with commercial enterprises like Nathan Schwartz. You save yourself time because you do not have to explain unique nuances involved in this area of the law because Mr. Schwartz already has an intimate understanding of the industry and the issues.

You Can Resolve the Matter in an Amicable Fashion
Mediation focuses on providing an amicable solution for parties involved in a dispute. The parties work together to reach a resolution that serves their individual and collective interests. Because cooperation and respectful communication are at the heart of mediation, the parties are often able to satisfactorily resolve their dispute and possibly even continue their relationship.

In contrast, litigation pits the parties against each other, often in irreparable ways. The courtroom becomes a battleground, often with the parties not satisfied with the outcome.

The Mediator Is Neutral
While a Boca Raton civil mediator can explain how local courts have decided similar issues in recent cases, he or she does not provide legal advice to either party. Instead, the mediator is a neutral third party whose job it is to help guide the parties toward a negotiated settlement. He or she does not represent either party and does not impose an order on the parties, so this allows for a fair process for all parties involved.

You Can Save Time and Money
One of the most attractive features of mediation is that it can often save parties involved in a commercial dispute considerable time and money. By using a Boca Raton civil mediator instead of the court system to resolve your case, you may be able to avoid the cost of hiring a lawyer entirely, or drastically reducing his or her fee because you can settle the case much faster. You can also schedule mediation sooner since you do not have to wait on an opening in a busy court docket.

You Can Protect Your Business Reputation
One thing that concerns many businesses involved in a legal dispute is how the matter will affect the reputation of their business. Even if the court ultimately rules in your favor, this may not happen until after negative information is alleged about your business. Mediation is a private and confidential process that can allow you to resolve a legal dispute without negatively affecting your business’ goodwill.

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