Construction mediation continues to increase in popularity because it is so beneficial for those who are involved in disputes in this industry. It makes sense that an out-of-court method for resolving disputes would be the go-to option in construction disputes in Boca Raton, FL because there are so many advantages.

For instance, construction mediation:

Offers flexibility. There are no court schedules and no mandatory dates of attendance. Parties involved in the dispute are free to negotiate, with their chosen mediator, when and where they should meet. This not only means it is easier to schedule mediation, it means it can occur sooner and lead to a more efficient resolution of the dispute. In the construction industry time is of the essence and the sooner a dispute is resolved the sooner the project can move forward.

Costs less. Construction litigation is expensive and it can cost you thousands of dollars to prepare for your day in court. Mediation fees are relatively low and can easily be controlled by those involved in the dispute. It is in nobody’s best interest to drive up the cost of resolving the dispute when mediation is being used.

Reduces unnecessary conflict. This makes it easier to move forward and repair mutually beneficial relationships once the dispute has ended. Litigation more often than not severs relationships and pits one party against the other. In mediation, parties work together to resolve the issue which not only makes it easier to preserve relationships, it helps them avoid similar disputes during future projects.

Gives complete control to those most affected by the outcome of the dispute. When you are using mediation to resolve a construction conflict, you are in complete control. Nobody is forced to abide by a resolution imposed by a judge and if either party is not amenable to a solution they are free to walk away and pursue other methods of resolution.

Additionally, mediation offers a private and confidential means by which to resolve construction disputes that tend to be extraordinarily successful. Many in the industry estimate the success rate for construction mediation to be about 80 percent. It is also a great option for resolving disputes that include multiple parties – something that is often the case in construction.

If you are involved in a construction dispute in Boca Raton, FL, a skilled mediator offers a great deal of guidance and support to help you resolve the problem.

Nathan Schwartz is an experienced construction mediator who offers a one-of-a-kind perspective on common issues that arise in the industry. His goal is to help you resolve construction disputes through the amicable and cooperative process of mediation. Nathan has been a member of the Florida and DC Bars since 1986 and has participated in hundreds of mediation as an advocate. He understands the benefit of keeping construction disputes out of the courtroom and he wants to help Florida business owners make the most of their opportunity to mediate legal issues.

For more information or to discuss your desire to mediate a construction dispute in Boca Raton, FL, contact Nathan at 855-973-4835.