Family legal disputes are some of the most difficult and challenging in the legal industry, in part because they are so personal. In many of these family disputes in Boca Raton, FL children are involved and directly affected by the outcome. Though the court system does what it can to protect the most vulnerable members of a family, their efforts often fail. This makes mediation an extremely valuable tool for dealing with family legal disputes.

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution that puts the disputing parties in complete control of the outcome of their dispute. It is an informal process, so parties are able to talk openly and honestly about their issues and explore flexible solutions that are customized to their situation. This makes it especially beneficial in family situations because families are so diverse.

There are many family disputes in which mediation can be used to resolve the problem, but divorce is one of the most common. Mediation works in divorce because it allows divorcing spouses to negotiate a divorce settlement that works for them and their children. Even if the issues raise a great deal of emotion and there are a number of things that are contested, a skilled mediator can help divorcing families make the transition smoother than it would be if the divorce were settled in the courtroom.

Mediation in family disputes is helpful from a long-term perspective, too. The process is based in communication and respect, so even if family members are at odds when mediation begins, they are able to talk through their issues and create a resolution that works for everyone. Instead of pitting divorcing spouse or other family members against one another, it allows everyone to feel as though they have a stake in things and walk away from the situation a winner.

Perhaps the most important benefit of mediation in family disputes is the fact that is allows everyone to take a customized approach and do what is best for the family’s most vulnerable members. It is cheaper, it is confidential, and it is more efficient, but above all else, it is civil and based in respect and communication.

Working with a skilled mediator in Boca Raton, FL is an essential part of resolving a family legal dispute. Whether you need someone to work with who can help you with mediating a divorce agreement or you are dealing with another type of family dispute, Nathan Schwartz can help.

Nathan is an experienced family dispute mediator who offers unique solutions for families going through transitions. His goal is to help you resolve issues and protect important relationships. Nathan has been a member of the Florida and DC Bars since 1986 and has participated in hundreds of mediation as an advocate. He knows how beneficial it can be to resolve divorces and other family disputes through mediation and has worked with numerous Florida families and their unique disputes.

For more information or to discuss the possibility of mediating a divorce or family legal settlement in Boca Raton, FL, contact Nathan at 855-973-4835.